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Living Clay Company™
all natural Calcium Bentonite Detox Clay Products

Living Clay Detox Clay Powder so pure you can EAT it.
Detox Clay Powder

Natural, Pure Calcium Bentonite Clay

Detox your body safely with 9.7pH Living Clay®, a unique and rare, green swelling calcium Bentonite clay with Montmorillonite properties from the Smectite family of clays. Its astoundingly strong drawing action cleanses by pulling out impurities while its dynamic binding power captures and eliminates toxins. In addition, the clay's vibrant electromagnetic charge stimulates cellular revitalization. You won’t find a smoother, finer, stronger, safer all around natural Calcium Bentonite/Montmorillonite Clay. Living Clay® It’s what you’ve been looking for!

From volcanic ash rich in trace minerals, Living Clay™ is a powerful agent of stimulation, transformation, detoxing and transmission of energy that speeds cellular revitalization. It is used by many elite spas and prominent Autism Treatment Centers.
Living Clay Company™
a green Smectite-Montmorillonite is their source for natural Calcium Bentonite Clay. It's mined from a sub-surface mine that has been covered with a thick layer of zeolite. This zeolite has protected the clay from the environmental elements for over 43 million years, resulting in an ultra pure clay that has uniquely strong absorptive and adsorptive properties.

Living Clay™ Calcium Bentonite Clay has a number of beneficial properties. It's good for the skin as well as internal healing to draw out toxins and heavy metals that impair the body. It gets rid of excessive oils and debris to the surface of your skin, tightens the skin, stimulates blood flow and removes dead skin cells that can be pore-clogging.
All products are Paraben Free, all natural and meet stringent Quality Control Standards for your protection.
Living Clay Australia edible Detox Clay Powder.all natural calcium bentonite clay so pure you can eat it.

Living Clay Company™ supplies the purest, most effective clay available today. The pH of Living Clay ™ is 9.7 and thus acts as an alkalizing agent for the body.
It naturally creates balance.
Living Clay Company DETOX Clay Powder
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Living Clay Company DETOX Clay Powder
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Living Clay Company DETOX Clay Powder
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Living Clay Company DETOX Clay Powder
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Living Clay Company DETOX Clay Powder

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