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Article: What Makes Living Clay™ Superior to Other Clays?

Here are twelve good reasons for selecting Living Clay® for all your clay needs...

  • A rare combination of trace minerals with a unique swelling capacity.
  • Sealed by a two foot layer of crystalline Zeolite, this vein of natural calcium Bentonite clay has been kept very pure and free of contaminants.
  • 9.7 pH – Reduces acidity and balances the body.
  • Milled to a 325 screen mesh for a non-gritty and creamy hydrated consistency.
  • Draws 33 times its molecular weight.
  • A Montmorillonite-Smectite Clay that Absorbs and Adsorbs.
  • So pure it is odorless and tasteless.
  • Detoxes through the skin and stimulates circulation and blood flow.
  • A green swelling clay. Swells three times, thus a greater space between the molecular layers giving it a greater capacity for drawing and holding toxins.
  • More for your money. One cup of dry powder clay will make 3 cups of hydrated clay (Cleansing Clay Mask) - one part clay to three parts water. Non-Swelling clays only have a one to one ratio.
  • A non-staining clay.
  • And the best reason of all is the quick results you get. To use it is to love it. Try it. You will be glad you did.

Living Clay in Australia Calcium Bentonite Detox Clay Products.
All natural calcium bentonite clay so pure you can eat it. Living Clay™ supplies the purest, most effective clay available today. The pH of Living Clay™ is 9.7 and thus acts as an alkalizing agent for the body. It naturally creates balance.
Living Clay Company DETOX Clay Powder
Price: $31.00
Living Clay Company DETOX Clay Powder
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Living Clay Company DETOX Clay Powder
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Living Clay Company DETOX Clay Powder
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Living Clay Company DETOX Clay Powder

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Living Clay Products are not tested on animals